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Máximo Gómez Avenue, No.118, La Fe, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Industrias Banilejas S.A.S., is the main coffee producer in the Dominican Republic.

Due to our commitment of taking freshly roasted coffee daily to the most remote points of sale in the country, we have a fleet of specialized vehicles and the largest and most efficient distribution network in the country.

Since 1945, we have been serving the Dominican people the aroma and flavor of Café Santo Domingo, a leading brand in sales of its category and the country's most emblematic one, complementing our family of products: Induban Gourmet, Caracolillo, La Cafetera, Café Molido Dominicano, Café Tinto, Pilón, Café Supremo Super Especial, Monte Perelló Estate (limited edition) and Café Santo Domingo in capsules.

Our brands transcend borders, being enjoyed worldwide in countries such as the United States, Canada, Spain, Hungary, Aruba, St. Martin, Virgin Islands, among others.

Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

To provide world class coffee, elaborated with the highest standard of quality and respect for the environment, adhering to the welfare of our collaborators, the communities and the development of the country.

Our Vision

To be the leading coffee company in the national and international market, recognized for promoting the Dominican coffee culture and valued for the high quality and innovation of its products.



We reinvent our processes to offer world-class products, using cutting-edge technology.


Always ready to offer quality care, anticipating the needs of our customers and staying close to our consumers.


With the well-being of our human team; exceed the expectations of our consumers; contribute to the development of our communities; optimize our resources and improve our processes, ensuring the conservation of the environment.


We act honestly and responsibly, committed to serve with loyalty.


We enjoy what we do and we do it from the bottom of our heart, always giving the extra mile with a leadership spirit.


Industrias Banilejas (Induban), was founded on April 12th, 1945, by Mr. Manuel de Jesús Perelló Báez (Mr. Masú), with the objective of dedicating himself to the purchase, elaboration and sale of coffee. Mr. Masú, remained in charge of the management of the company until 1999, succeeded by his son, Mr. Rafael de Jesús Perelló Abreu, until 2018. Currently, members of the third generation have joined the General Direction, with Mr. Manuel José Pozo Perelló occupying the Administrative Presidency.

Thanks to its capacity for innovation, in recent years Induban enters new business models with Aroma Coffee Service in 2007, Agrocafé del Caribe in 2011, Santo Domingo Coffee Shop in 2013 and the Santo Domingo Coffee Institute in 2017, maintaining a dynamic process of growth and expansion.

In order to significantly increase national coffee production performance, Induban has invested in the development of a coffee nursery and two coffee farms in Rancho Arriba and Hato Mayor, with plantations of species resistant to rust.

The vast knowledge of Dominican coffee, a family legacy of hard work, commitment to quality, and innovation strategy have been the main factors driving Induban’s success and leadership in the country.


Industrias Banilejas (INDUBAN) empresa cafetera fundada en el 1945 y comprometida con el desarrollo de la caficultura dominicana, centra sus actividades en la producción y comercialización de café tostado utilizando maquinarias de última generación, dando como resultado productos con los más altos estándares de calidad e inocuidad para satisfacción y seguridad de sus clientes.

INDUBAN cuenta con un equipo competente que garantiza la integridad del Sistema de Gestión de Inocuidad de los Alimentos, orientado a una cultura de mejora en sus procesos, cumpliendo así con las exigencias del mercado nacional e internacional y el respeto al Medio Ambiente.

Utilizamos métodos de comunicación interactivos entre nuestros colaboradores y con el público externo, a fin de mantener el posicionamiento en el mercado con un café de clase mundial. Además, implementamos mecanismos para mitigar potenciales amenazas y vulnerabilidades, asegurando así la defensa de los productos y la prevención de cualquier tipo de fraude alimentario.

La Dirección de Industrias Banilejas, SAS se compromete a revisar anualmente esta política y realizar los ajustes necesarios, acorde a los requisitos legales y reglamentarios aplicables, preservando la inocuidad alimentaria y calidad de los productos.

Manuel Pozo Perelló
Presidente Ejecutivo